Matte Glazed Cob (Test Piece)

Hi Deb (and Geoff)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my beautiful Prancing Cob, I love him.  You're a talented lady. 

He arrived a day earlier then expected, and the packaging was just fantastic, so no danger of damages there. 

Take care

Jacqui K. (Australia)

The Spotty Cob Arrived!

"The spotty cob arrived and he's flawless and gorgeous!

I showed my two cobs to my group on Facebook and I think I may have gotten a customer for you? My horse group loved the Cobs.  So do I!"  Betsy W. (Ohio, USA)

Far Far Away!

"Given that the sculptures have had to travel half way around the world I was highly impressed that they have arrived in one piece.  Well packed is an understatement. The depth of colour that Deb has managed to get into the coat colours has always left me in awe.  They positively glow!  The topper is the flawless final glaze she gives them, super smooth. "  Jane F, (United Kingdom).

Wow - just Wow!

"They're all BEAUTIFUL and they're all in one piece!  I can't believe they all made it over here safely.  Thank you so much - there's nothing like this quality over here.  Will definitely purchase again." - Maria S, (Germany)

Great news - Goldie is here!

"...he travelled perfectly in the floof ! He is now carefully placed on the mini museum shelves I have for special models (aka safe from cats area). His face is so gorgeous..."  Laura G, (United Kingdom)


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