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SECOND Large Walking Shire in dapple grey



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Traditional Scale, cast in earthenware and purchased in bisque from a local pottery 2 years ago.  Please read the heavy italics below.

Approximately 23cm/9" nose to tail and 22cm/8.9" tall to the high part of his mane.

This pretty drafter is a copy of an old Staffs piece, one of those ubiquitous heavy horses that were very popular in the 1970's and 80's.   I purchased four of these in bisque from from a local pottery 3 years ago; the first two were sold in decorator colours.  This one has been given a multi layered and shaded "apple dapple" coat pattern with nicely detailed feathering, eyes and hooves. 

NOTE: The "second" pieces have sat here in my china cabinet (finished) for the past year, as I was unsure as to whether or not there would be a problem with the glaze.  These were fired at the same time as a batch of earthenware that did not fit my American glaze stock and had problems: some crazed, some shivered (the glaze falls off in places).  Neither crazing nor shivering has occurred on this piece in the year it has been in my cabinet, however I am selling this with a "no return" policy and at a discounted rate in the understanding that the buyer is fully informed.


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