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PPP Budget Bay Arabian/Half Arab Mare CMG



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Traditional scale Arab type mare cast from a vintage and long discontinued mold which I own.  This is from the old Garard copy of the Breyer FAM.

Approximately 23.5cm/9.5" to the ear tips and 25cm/10" nose to tail.

She is actually a clay body custom - while still in the very fragile damp clay stage and before she was fired to bisque, I gave her a new and longer tail, forelock and flared nostrils.  She was then decorated in matte glazes as a test piece.  Following this, I decided to overglaze her using gloss engobes which has produced this magnificent gloss glazed finished, stunning in it's simplicity and feels amazing!  Lovely piece from my budget range and the foal that goes with her (last photo) is available in a seperate listing.

$150 AUD/$110 USD

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