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PPP - Arab or Half Arab Mare - bay matte test



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Traditional sized and handmade earthenware sculpture, from a commercially produced and Vintage mould which I own. She has had some clay body customising done.  Her mane, tail and forelock have been lengthened; I've also dished her face more and given her flared nostrils.

Approximately 24cm wide (nose to tail) and 26cm tall to the ear tips.

Handmade here at the pottery in fine Australian white earthenware.  Decorated using professional matte glazes to this rich, golden bay with dark shadings and glowing highlights, only a little white to show her off. Created for my personal collection, I have decided to offer her up for someone else to enjoy.  She was created as a test piece, so may not be 100% perfect, but she is still beautiful!

If you'd like to see how this horse looks unaltered, you can find her photograph (Macky Mould Arab Mare) here :https://www.poolesponypottery....

$125 AUD/$95 USD

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