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PPP - Stock Horse, dark brown/dun



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Traditional scale, handmade earthenware from a commercially produced mould which I own.  A minor Claybody Custom: longer mane and tail and "boy bits" added.

Approximately 27cm wide (nose to tail) and 22cm to the ear tips.

Super classy stock horse, absolutely NO white.  Very dark brown/dun, subtle primitive markings and a few ole "apple dapples".  Lovely golden undertones and super super glossy!  He's reduced because he's been sitting here for a while.  Everyone jumps on the flashy pintos and spotties, howzabout giving some love to a horse that's all class and no flash!

$75 AUD/$60 USD

SKU: 10038 TAGS: $0-$99, dappled, handmade in Australia, earthenware, Traditional, Bargain Barn

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