Do you have a much loved piece you'd like restored or repaired?  Contact me to discuss your needs, I might be able to help, you never know until you ask.  I'll need clear photos of the horse and the damaged pieces you have as well as a good description of the breakage. From there, I can decide whether I can help you or not and send you a quote.

Do you have a favourite horse or pony that you'd like a portrait of?  Commissions are available at the moment on any of my current (commercially produced) ceramic moulds as follows:

Arab, Thoroughbred/Light Horse, Stock Horse, Shetland, Pony.  These are all "gender indeterminate" and can be altered in the clay body to the correct sex of your real horse.

Again, I'll need good, clear photographs of your equine as well as a clear description of any subtle nuances you'd like me to capture. From there, I can work out a quote for you.  All I need to start your commission is a $50 deposit to produce your bisque (hand poured, assembled, dried, cleaned and fired - takes 3 - 6 weeks depending on weather and workload).

*Race Horse portraits may be available, these take about a year to produce.

Examples of some recent Restorations....

Royal Doulton/Beswick "Sunburst"

Purchased with a broken hind leg and given both hot repairs (kiln fired slip fix, breaks were drilled and pinned with kiln wire) and cold repairs (2 part epoxy glue and epoxy putty), before cold painting in 100% acrylics to a  Peacock Pattern Appaloosa (based on photos of a real horse) and then gloss glazed using professional Ceramic Cold Glaze (as used by museums etc to repair/restore fine china).

Hereford Fine China "Hyperion - morning after the Derby"

Packed to withstand an earthquake but still arrived from England with a broken foreleg. This heirloom English bone china piece was fully restored by me, pinned, epoxied, paint matched and cold matte finish on the repair.  Good as new!

Franklin Mint "Levade" (large scale)

"Levade" porcelain sculpture by Pamela du Boulay, released by the Franklin Mint in fine bisque porcelain.  Purchased with broken ears.  I went ahead and fired this guy (to clean him up, he was a bit dirty).  Once he was back to nice clean, white bisque, I custom glazed him to this lovely "cold" grey with lightly dappled hindquarters (over multiple firings).  Finally I reattached his ears, then painted and glossed them to match.  He is currently available for sale in my online store at a very reasonable price (as he is a restored piece).

Barrie Voisey Coach Horse

This lovely and rare English earthenware piece was shipped from England simply thrown into a box with no packaging - he was wearing a ziplock bag:-(. Needless to say he arrived in multiple pieces.  Not to worry, he was pinned, glued and taped, epoxied, paint matched and cold sealed to a pretty good version of his old self!

Kaiser Porcelain Arab, repaired & custom glazed

This beautiful German Kaiser porcelain was sold to me in original bisque - but his ears were both broken off.  He arrived safe and sound here in Brisbane, (together with both ears in a little ziplock bag!) and I proceeded to custom glaze him to "cold" dapple grey and then reattached his ears, colour matched them and glossed them.  Happy Days:-)

Large Sylvac Hunter

Arrived from England posted upside down with minimal packaging.  Ugh.  Both his ears were smashed to bits.  Ah well, I glued them back together and reattached them, colour matched them and glossed them.  Good as new!


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