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Hand made and custom glazed clinky horses in the heart of Brisbane

Debbie Poole is originally from the UK and has been involved with both real horses and the model horse hobby for several decades. From around the year 2000, Deb discovered her true passion was working with the ceramic medium, rather than mass produced plastic and resin horses. Deb is completely self-taught, from Mold-making and casting, to underglazing, over glazing and glazing. 

Unfortunately, the Global Financial Crisis decimated the Ceramic Arts Industry in Australia, so Deb had to turn her talents to another source of income. Since 2017, Deb has been in a position to renew her hobby part-time, and has been honing her skills in her little home studio as time permits. Husband Geoff is the "sorcerer's apprentice": he mixes slip, picks up bubblewrap from the warehouse, moves the heavier moulds - whatever it takes to make Deb's creative process a little easier whenever he can. He has recently purchased a commercial air eraser and sandblasting box set up, so that in his "spare time" (good luck!), he can turn his hand to stripping glaze off any finished wares that might need to be refinished. So that's it: just Deb and (occasionally) her sidekick hubby! No staff to pour and assemble pieces, no team of painters!  The forthcoming Studio editions are all to be poured and cast by Deb from original moulds that Deb has also made herself, in the hopes of turning her hobby, Poole's Pony Pottery, into a true Artisan, Australian small business.


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