DELUXE: desirable, collectible, custom glazed horse sculptures

Poole's Pony Pottery

Handmade & Custom Glazed horse sculpture

Collectible Earthenware, Porcelain & Mid Fire Horse Sculptures

The Deluxe range includes ceramic horse sculptures from a variety of manufacturers and in a variety of mediums, all custom glazed here at the pottery by me.  "Custom Glazed" defines a one of a kind artist finish, permanently fired into the sculpture, as opposed to the original factory finish, which in many cases (mass produced ad nauseam) are rather dull and bland compared to what can be achieved by an individual ceramics artist.

Here you will find re-glazed Beswicks, Royal Doulton, Franklin Mint and other Porcelains, as well as my own Studio Design horse sculptures (produced in a mid fire clay that fires as hard as porcelain). Occasionally "clay body customs" (horses which have been produced from the Budget moulds but have been resculpted and altered) in earthenware are available in this category of my online shop here.


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