Deb's Wishlist!

When you wish upon a star......

Well okay, I'll admit that this "wish list" is built upon the realms of complete fantasy!  Because not only am I NOT independently wealthy, many of these are virtually impossible to find these days.  So Without further ado, here are my very few "wants" in china horsedom.

Also please note - yes I have pinched these photographs off the internet.  Owners please contact me if you would like me to take the photos down, ideally though I would love to keep them up and publish the names of the glazing artists, the photographer, the owner as well if they so wish.  You can use the contact page here.

Boehm Porcelain

Standing Arabian

Grey Striking and Rearing Arabians

Connoisseur of Malvern

"Free Spirit" - Arabian stallion in bay matte.  Other colours issued are just "Malvern" or other backstamps.  

Pamela du Boulay/Animal Artistry

The Horse With The Golden Saddle

Trotting Arabian


Arabian Pure Breed (with or without Bedouin tack)

Spanish Pure Breed

Royal Worcester

Arabian Stallion (portrait of Indian Magic)

Hereford Fine China

Portrait of Sir Tristram

Royal Doulton

Limited Edition, Large Mr Frisk


Large Walking Arabian


Gazal, Arabian Stallion


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