BUDGET: affordable, collectible and charming earthenware horses, handmade in Australia

Poole's Pony Pottery

Handmade Ceramic Horse Figurines

Brisbane, Australia

Collectible Earthenware China Horse Figurines

Handmade in Australia, one at a time, using time-honoured techniques.  Each horse is created from a commercially made mould which I own.  Some of these moulds are still available. Most are vintage and discontinued decades ago; these vintage moulds don't get poured very often, so as to save wear and tear. Cast in a blend of Australian & American Earthenware, finished in realistic colours and markings with clear gloss or satin glaze finish. These are the most affordable end of the "Clinky Collecting" spectrum and look quite at home alongside glossy Beswicks, Sylvacs and similar.

If you love the charm of yesteryear, with a little more attention to detail, you'll love to collect my budget line of horses.  Being handmade, no two are exactly alike and I strive to produce realistic colours and patterns whilst maintaining affordability. Please visit my shop to browse what's currently available and to make a purchase.


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