Welcome to Poole's Pony Pottery at The Horse Collector's Corner

New sales pieces released at the start of most months. All pieces priced in Australian Dollars.

Welcome to Poole's Pony Pottery

Making ceramics and model horses have been my hobby for decades. I hand make ceramic pieces for my own enjoyment and collection, many of these take over 100 hours to make. I also repair and glaze broken chinas for myself; as well as still customising the occasional model horse. I'm an expat Brit, and have been collecting, showing and selling customs for over 40 years.  In order for my hobby to be self funding, I offer some pieces here in my online shop for sale to the general public.  Some of these are priced at cost of materials only; most are priced well below cost.  None of the pieces on here cover the costs of firing, or my time, skill or expertise.  The goal of this website is to help me cover the materials costs of my hobby.  If they don't sell, it doesn't matter because they're safe in my china cabinet!  If it's for sale it's on the website! If it's not on the website, please don't ask.

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Family owned Studio Pottery, producing handmade collectible horse figurines in the heart of Brisbane, Australia.

  • Handmade earthenware ceramic horses made in Brisbane using time honoured methods.
  • Some Horse-themed ceramic giftware for sale
  • Occasional Customized plastic/resin model horses for sale, for the discerning collector/shower
  • Occasional Repaired, restored and custom cold-glazed china horses for sale
  • Some Handmade non-horsey ceramic giftware and whimsy!

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